BIM (Virtual Building)



Let’s talk tech for a moment.  Fear not, we’ve made it easy to understand.

Big-D uses a variety of programs for creating BIM’s. Each project is different so the tools we use vary depending upon the needs of the project.  None of that risky one-size-fits-all stuff, not on your life. 

The programs we use for creating models include fancy names like Google SketchUp, DProfiler, Revit and ArchiCad.  We use Vico and NavisWorks to analyze, sequence and coordinate the models.  Frankly, there’s no such thing as too much technology when you’re in the midst of a major project.

Here’s why.  BIM proves useful on a project for:

  • Clash detection
  • Sequencing
  • Coordination among trades
  • Communicating information to project team members
  • Reduction in construction duration due to fewer RFI’s and change orders
  • Reduction in construction costs due to less re-work, more precise estimating, loss contingency and the ability to pre-fab many parts
  • Visualization of finishes so that an owner know what a room will look like after con­ception
  • Ability to control and adhere to schedules

Conceptual views of the project through various phas­es of construction can show any conflicts prior to construc­tion.  The obvious benefit is the ability to manage possible problems before conflict occurs, which is another way of saying, “saves you money.”