Our Client's Feedback



Patrick F. Luedtke, MD, MPH
Director, Unified State Laboratories: Public Health
Deputy Director, Division of Epidemiology
Utah Department of Health

** “I have been deeply impressed with Big-D during my three years of work with them:  their staff are responsive, professional, and timely.  I say this with knowledge of their performance in good times and in bad (e.g., discovery of a significant earthquake fault on our building site and the resulting geotechnical response issues).  Due to their strong performance on my project, I heartily recommend their services to related scientific projects.”


Steve Morgan
Executive Vice President, Westminster College

“Over the last two years, [Big-D has] been the general contractor on two significant projects on our campus valued at over $19 million.  It is gratifying to know we picked the right general contractor for the job.  We would not hesitate to work with Big-D Construction again and would recommend them to anyone without reservation.”


Barry J. Miller
Senior Project Manager, State of Idaho

“Big-D Construction provided exceptional service on the project and effectively managed their subcontractors and product deliveries to avoid delays to the project. The work was of superior quality, completed on time, within the budget and with satisfied owners at the end.”


Jeffrey R. Nelson, MBA (SM)NRCM
Nelson Laboratories, Inc.

“I recommend Big-D as a company that is committed to their customers, is steady and consistent in their business practices, and exemplifies values that are too uncommon in today’s world.  As you consider your project, I hope you will carefully evaluate the fit that you need and realize, as I did, that you can’t do better than having a great team…I am confident that Big-D will save you the hassles and worries that I have experienced on other projects and will understand and exceed your expectations as they did for me.”


Steve Myers
Manager, Facilities Engineering & Construction Management
The Hershey Company

“The design and construction process went extremely well.  We worked through all items in question, which were few and far between.  The cooperation, fairness of changes, quality of your field and office staff, knowledge of the local governmental process, desire and ability to deliver ahead of the predetermined schedule and the quality of the final product is one of the best I have ever seen in nearly 30 years of working in the construction industry.”


Douglas Goldsmith, Ph.D.
Executive Director, The Children’s Center

“As the Executive Director of the Children’s Center I have closely overseen four major building projects. I can tell you, without question, that our working relationship with the team at Big-D was unparalleled.”


Curtis Bennett
Vice President of Retail Operations
O.C. Tanner

“I greatly appreciate [Big-D’s] attention to detail, the budget, the design and execution of every phase of construction. Above all I am impressed with the absolute ‘can do’ attitude that I feel was essential for getting this building done on time and in such a marvelous fashion…We will always be grateful for the key contributing part Big-D Construction played in a project that proved to be extremely important to us as owners as well as to a city that will always be grateful for [Big-D’s] involvement in restoring and renovating a cherished site.”


Russ Wilcox
Daily Foods, Inc.

** “The most important trait Big-D has to offer is service. The people at Big-D listen to exactly what I want and seem to care that I get what I want.  We are a food processing plant that has some special requirements in type of construction and during construction, and we have never had any problems with Big-D. Big-D will continue to be the Daily Foods Inc. choice of contractor for any size project.”


Art Peters
Slim-Fast Foods Company

“We found Big-D’s team to not only be fully professional in all aspects, but the professionalism and ethics exhibited by all the team members left us highly satisfied in a business sector that often results in lose/lose relationships at the conclusion of the project. I would not hesitate to recommend Big-D to anyone considering a project, large or small.”


Trey King
Project Manager
E Cube, Inc.

“It has been my privilege to work with Big-D Construction on the Unified State Laboratory project for the State of Utah and DFCM. Big-D has shown a commitment to the Commissioning process from the very beginning and maintained that commitment throughout the duration of the project.  They assembled an outstanding construction team and were able to keep all the players motivated to complete the project in a most exemplary manner. Their project management team…consistently demonstrated an attention to detail and a level of professionalism that is required to complete a mission critical facility, such as the Unified State Laboratory. I would highly recommend Big-D Construction for future projects and especially projects of high complexity.”